In times of change, learners inherit the earth,
while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped
to deal with a world that no longer exists.
                                                                                                             --Eric Hoffer

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infinite Discoveries is an Open Learning Community for people of all ages who are learning how to become capable authors of their own lives. It is:

  • A Co-Learning Center dedicated to help us learn how to become more than just an overwhelmed, overbusy, consumers. - we are helping each other successfully live a purposeful and meaninful life.

  • A comprehensive learning program for those looking for an alternative to universities or college programs that have become too expensive, increasingly irrelevant and impractical, and leave us starting out our lives under a mountain of debt.

  • An adjunct to traditional schools and learning environments.

  • A community and resource hub for families home schooling their children.

  • A community-of-practice learning center where we all can learn how to co-create healthier, more sustainable communities together.

We are a growing network of learning cohorts, with members of all ages and mentors who learn together how to:

  • Discover and/or clarify our gifts and our own unique contribution so we can invent our own jobs, our own living, and a meaningful life - together.
  • Follow our own learning path toward becoming healthy, resilient, and inventive citizens capable of thriving in an increasingly uncertain future.
  • Provide a community of practice for transformative growth to support us all in becoming who we are truly meant to become.

Come join us and learn who you were meant to become!

Changing Education Paradigms: 

Sir Ken Robinson

Do It Yourself Universities

Anya Kamenetz

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You have arrived at the front door of our on-line Community Learning Center.  Members may login at the link at the top. 

This web site is a central learning community where we engage each other in learning that deepens, transforms, and aligns our individual gifts with our individual and collective purpose; where we gather to learn together how to become successful in a changing world.  Here are some of the specific things you can do here and now to begin your own transformation:

We hope you will join us in our conversation as we learn how to transform to its very core
the way we prepare for the real adventure of life!

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  • Do it Yourself University - is it Time?

    Jeff Young on Apr 10, 2012
    Tagged in: purpose, learning, innovation, education, creativity, change

    I ran into the following video last night in my reading.   It appears that others are also thinking about changing some of the traditional assumptions about learning and learning institutions.  For that, I cheer as I have long held the observation that traditional education, while having served us well for hundreds of years, is in need of an overhaul.

    I would want to caution, however, against the idea of completely learning on your own.  I am not sure yet exactly how the author, Anya Kamenetz, visualizes the future of education as I haven't yet purchased and read her book.  But I do strongly feel that mentoring and coaching needs to be part of a good strong learning path. 

    There is a famous model called the Johari Window.  Which makes the point that in order to grow, you need to reveal to yourself your hidden "blind spots."  These are things about yourself that you cannot see.  Everyone has blind spots and everyone can benefit in their growth by revealing them.  Many professional organizations have peer reviewed aspects of their learning to deal with this.  A Do It Yourself University hopefully will be no different.


  • Ken Robinson Does it Again!

    Ken Robinson does it again.  Here is a delightful video created by RSA that illustrates the shift in paradigm being called for in education.  (Link to the Video)  The video tells a clear story of what has happened that is causing the need for change.   

    We are not so much needing higher standards or a different curriculum as needing to shift from a manufacturing process of education to one of developing the individual capacity of each person.  This requires a different process of learning than the current one of focusing on the subject and lecturing on it; encouraging students to find the one right answer.  Instead, we need to focus on each person as a creative being and giving them a learning environment where they can grow into who they were meant to become.

    This is the central purpose of Infinite Discoveries.  We believe that each person should be looking to find a place where they can be in their own element; where they can thrive and bring forth their unique gifts and contribution to something that is important to them.  We then loosely organize ourselves into collaboratives where we can collectively work on projects that are important to us that are aligned with our gifts. 


  • Bring on the Learning Revolution!

    Jeff Young on Apr 10, 2012
    Tagged in: purpose, learning, innovation, education, challenge

    I came across the following video yesterday and was deeply moved.  (Link to the Video)  Sir Ken Robinson has once again spoken bringing great clarity to the changes needed in learning and education.  I have been focusing for many years on digging deeply into the gifts and talents of people and helping them develop those gifts to the point of designing a life around the pursuit of mastery of those gifts.  I have long held that we absolutely require a change from the industrial model of learning to one centered on empowering each individual to follow their own path, offer their unique gifts, and organize around actions they care most about. 

    Here is an absolutely wonderful speaker describing this central issue in an impactful and entertaining way.  I am interested in having conversations about how we actually do what Sir Ken Robinson advocates.  How do we create learning centers for people of all ages that is focused on creating the environment that cultivates each individual’s unique spirit and brings us together into communities of common interest in action?  I hope you join us in this conversation and exploration.

  • Shift Happens: How Can We Prepare for our Future?

    Jeff Young on Sep 19, 2011
    Tagged in: learning, change, capability

    A colleague of mine shared a popular YouTube video with me.  It’s called “Shift Happens” and you can view the video by following this link: 

    Shift Happens Video

    He offered it because it highlights a central theme of mine that economic discomfort we are experiencing is not just a recession, but a symptom of much larger changes and challenges facing us.  These changes are reaching a point where they are breaking many underlying assumptions we have about learning and education.  My favorites among the facts highlighted by this video are:


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